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Drowning Avoidance Awareness & Training

Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional swimming deaths, especially among young children. Most drowning people display telltale signs, such as arms in the air and struggling movements, and Pia Enterprises has undertaken groundbreaking research on how to spot these significant indicators. My name is Frank Pia, and I offer you a wealth of information in film clips and downloadable articles about research findings and intervention strategies to reduce drowning and diving-related spinal injuries.

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About Pia Enterprises

I'm Francesco "Frank" Pia, Ph.D., the founder and president of Pia Enterprises. I offer expert consulting to government agencies in the drafting of rules and legislation and provide expert evidence to legal teams engaged in aquatic injury litigation. My organization, Pia Enterprises of Larchmont, New York, is a recognized leader in the creation of drowning prevention programs and lifeguard training. I also offer certified training programs for lifeguards and others who supervise children while swimming, as well as advanced training for lifeguards and aquatic supervisors. My goal is to produce lifeguard training DVDs on drowning person recognition and scanning strategies and to offer general audience DVDs on drowning prevention and aquatic injury prevention.

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