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On Drowning

A Landmark Training Film

In a potential life-or-death situation, it's crucial to be able to spot a drowning person. Pia Enterprises shows you how with a breakthrough film titled On Drowning. The purpose of the film was to show the results of my research into the movements of people actually drowning—from the beginning of their plight to their eventual rescue.

Kid Swimming

Real Life

The majority of this 15-minute film is composed of close-up examinations of actual (not staged) near-drownings and rescues. These cases include singles, doubles, triples, and a group of four.

The filming was done from a lifeguard tower at Orchard Beach on Long Island Sound in New York City. Orchard Beach is a non-surf bathing area with little or no current. Nearly all of the near-drownings and rescues occur as nonswimmers step off a low-tide shelf into deep water. Because of the low-tide drop-off, the drownings and rescues are exactly the same types as the ones found in pools, lakes, and other still water areas.

New Insights

This study yielded valuable information that lifeguard services in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States, and New Zealand have incorporated into their training programs. On Drowning and Observations on the Drowning of Nonswimmers were the first film and publication, respectively, to note and explain the difference between a distressed swimmer and a drowning person. This crucial point is now recognized as one of the most important elements of lifeguard surveillance.

On Drowning is the only training aid that teaches lifeguards how to recognize and understand the instinctive drowning response. The research-based recognition and rescue concepts contained in this classic teaching aid have now been incorporated into nearly all the major lifeguard training textbooks in Canada and the United States.

What Have Others Said About On Drowning

"May I take this opportunity to express my sincerest congratulations to you on your outstanding film On Drowning. It is the finest film of its type that I have had the opportunity to observe...this film affords training officers to learn in minutes what normally takes years of experience to acquire."
Vincent G. M., Director, Harbors, Beaches, and Development, City of Huntington Beach, CA
International Liaison Officer, National Surf Lifesaving Association; 8/12/1971

"On Drowning.... is excellent and I am looking forward to screening it for the members of the Foundation"
Merle D., National Swimming Pool Foundation National Swimming Pool Institute; 8/16/1971

"I have just had the opportunity to view and review your film, On Drowning. It is a most impressive work and a pioneering effort. The principles were well portrayed and I agree with all your basic concepts. I showed the film to my medical students in preparation for our lectures on near drowning. It makes an excellent introduction to this sequence in our medical school"
Martin J. N., MD; 5/23/1978


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