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The Reasons People Drown

Drowning Prevention Training for Everyone

Drowning prevention can start with just one person sharing their knowledge with others. Teach others about how to prevent drowning casualties with my DVD, The Reasons People Drown. Pia Enterprises wants to prepare you for the unexpected.

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The Reasons People Drown

My DVD, The Reasons People Drown, is used in community drowning prevention programs and orientation sessions for lifeguards and camp counselors. This fast-paced, 24-minute video presentation teaches viewers the difference between distress and drowning, as well as how to recognize the instinctive drowning response.

Using the National Safety Council's classification system for drowning, swimming, nonswimming, and boating-related fatalities, viewers learn that drowning is a major cause of accidental death and injury in the United States. My video presents ways to reduce drowning fatalities, and nonswimming rescue techniques are also discussed. The causes of diving-related spinal injuries are discussed in detail, as are infant and toddler drownings. The roles played by alcohol and other stimulants in water emergencies are plainly laid out. This innovative DVD will explain it all.

What Others Have Said About The Reason People Drown — The DVD That Saves Lives

"While scanning the pool I noticed a 7-year-old boy with his arms out bobbing....the portion of the video showing a brother and sister drowning next to their parents flashed through my mind...there were people all around the boy, but no one seemed to recognize he was in trouble...When I brought the child out, the mother ran to poolside and said I only turned my back for a minute...It was a great feeling to save a life, everyone should see this video" — Lifeguard Jennifer S., Dutchess County, NY

"The Reasons People Drown was incorporated into our orientation session for summer day camp counselors. While on a camp trip to a public pool, a counselor saw the signs of drowning depicted in the video. A young camper was seen in an area of the water that was over his head, feet straight down, arms extended, head back, and eyes wide open. The counselor immediately pulled the camper out of the water. At the time of the rescue, there were 2 lifeguards and 5 counselors on the deck of the pool." — Mrs. Felicia W., Camp Director, Beacon, NY

Ordering The Reasons People Drown

This DVD may be purchased by mail for $19.00 plus $5.00 for shipping, and 7.35% tax where applicable.
Credit cards are accepted.

Checks and money orders should be made out to:
L.S.A. Productions, Inc.
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Coming Soon

The A.T.L.A.S. program will feature lifeguard training and certification components and in-service training for newly certified lifeguards. My new program is designed to give certified lifeguards advanced training in drowning recognition, scanning techniques, and emergency response.

This is on-site instruction, and I will train the supervisors so they can go back to their facilities and train their lifeguards. There will also be films and lectures included as part of the program. Please contact Pia Enterprises for further information.